In order to get to know more about the city they had prepared some questions to ask and with the help of their devices they have recorder and documented the follow.

Our questions.
  1. How do you enjoy your free time in Larnaca?
  2. Do you think Larnaca is a good place for young people to have fun?
  3. Which places do you recommend in the city to have fun?
  4. What kind of events take place in Larnaca?

Here is a brief description of what people have told us.

Having a coffee, going to the beach especially in the morning. At night probably we are going to local bars or pubs around here. It's mostly a relaxing life style.
Bars, clubs... In the summer we spend most of our time in the beach. In the winter everything is more quiet. You can have barbeque in the mountains- at Troodos.
Spend time with other girls from Philippines, we chat, walk, cook together. Larnaca is a safe palce.
I am working most of the time, so in my free time I am playing on my phone,or on the computer.
During my free time, I play football, tennis or go to the gym.
We spend our free time by hanging out with friends.
We are from Greece and we came to Cyprus to complete our army service. We are coming to Larnaca with intercity bus from Nicosia. We prefer to stay in Larnaca for job instead of studies.
Larnaca is the best city in Cyprus.

Night Life in Larnaca

What people have recommended to us.


Places to be

  • Mackenzie beach
    Sand beach with beautiful surroundings, you can listen to waves and have great relaxing time, walking, jogging and partying

Events, Festivals or Concerts

  • The Kataklysmos (Flood) Fair, celebrated once a year in Larnaca, has been inscribed on the UNESCO national list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

    Kataklysmos is a Greek Orthodox festival with strong pagan roots focusing primarily on water, Kataklysmos or Festival of the Flood marks the day of the Holy Spirit.

The project was organized by KOKEN, under the ERASMUS+ program - Youth Exchange: "Living with the media: Sense and Sensibility"

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